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    Research&Development Service

    Our technology research and development services include chemical combination of optimization can produce greatly exceed the needs of the drug when in the earlier stage of development. By the optimization and choose the most effective way to reduce the cost of synthesis chemical compound — — It can reached by reducing the the quantity in synthesis process, improving the production of target chemical and shortening the time of required in synthesis.
    Technology Consultation

    Contract Research Organization,(CRO),is an organization which offords professional services for domestic and foreign products related to pharmaceuticals and health.Service for customers including:development of new medicine,technology transfer, market investigation and etc.


    Twisun pharm can produce variety of high-quality products, and can meet the different requirements of individual customers. We has quality control, research and development centers to ensure the stability of production and product quality.
    Our laboratory (production units: kg, g), the experimental base (capacity: 10 kg to 100 kg) and manufacturing plants (yield: 100 kg for the units) can provide the customer from  gram-class to the tonnage-class products. Our research centers and experimental base can provide professional products to meet customer's needs for all sections from the early clinical phase to the marketing(chemical outsourcing business, etc.).

    Custom Synthesis

    We not only offer compound, also provide reliable, high-quality and organic compound service. customers generally expect the price and delivery to achieve a rapid turnover of time. once the project starts, we will provide a copy of the latest events and the progress report to the customer every two weeks and then get feedback. Adopt the customer's opinions and needs and feedback effectively.

    Full Time Equivalence(FTE)

    FTE cooperation mode which is to make the customers continue their own research and avoid the repeated quotation for the new project or the follow-on project in the same time.


    Contact Us

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